Why do silage testing?

By analysing silage it will allow farmers to supplement animals with the appropriate rate of concentrates to meet the animal's dietary requirements and subsequent performance targets. Therefore, the level of meal feeding required is determined by the quality of the silage produced.

  • Silage testing allows the farmer to supplement animals with the appropriate rate of concentrates
  • Allows for decisions to made on achieving dietary requirements depending on the stock type to be fed
  • Planning for future production is enhanced by the current results

How do I get my silage tested?

  • Just collect samples and send them on to FBA Laboratories
  • Select silage from the different batches you want to test with the target stock requirements in mind
  • See the section on Sampling to be sure you follow the correct process

It is important to do silage testing so that you know the quality of your current fodder and you can plan for improvements if required going forward.

What SILAGE TEST can I get?

  • Silage Mineral
  • This is detailed test including tests for elements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium; sodium, iodine and sulphur as well as heavy metals such as Iron, zinc, manganese and copper with result status band displayed.
  • Silage Maize
  • This provides a set of results which includes Dry Matter, pH, ASH, NDF, ME, Starch and Crude protein with comparisons to average values.
  • Silage FE


  1. Take samples about 6 weeks after harvesting to take samples.
  2. Try to ensure minimum time to lab after taking the samples.
  3. Using a core sampler take samples from up to five well-spaced points on various areas of the surface on the silage pit.
  4. Discard the surface part of each core before mixing into a composite sample to get a weight around 500g.
  5. Be sure to reseal holes in bales after sampling to avoid damage.
  6. Put the sample into a zip-tie plastic bag. Exclude air, seal well and post immediately.


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