Why do grass testing?

When in doubt, get your grass sampled to time silage cutting.

Quality silage underpins our winter diets for all stock. Good quality drives good performance. Testing for nitrates levels and sugar content gives confidence when timing and managing cutting.

  • Grass testing allows the farmer to ensure the quality nutrition of their grass
  • Allows for decisions to made on the optimum timing for cutting for silage
  • Checks for the mineral content of the grass

How do I get my grass tested?

  • Just collect samples and send them on to FBA Laboratories
  • Select from the different paddocks you want to test
  • See the section on Sampling to be sure you follow the correct process

What GRASS TEST can I get?

  • Grass Pre-Cut
  • Pre-cut grass testing is used to help in deciding the best time to harvest the grass for silage to ensure the optimum sialhe quality and nutrition.
  • Grass Mineral
  • Grass mineral test will identify the mineral content of their grass which will allow the farmer evaluate the dietary impact of the grass and to consider if supplements would need to be given.
  • Grass Feed Evaluation


  1. The sample taken should be representative of the crop in the field. Use a W pattern to take representative samples of the grass in the field.
  2. Take the sample from a grazing height and is not contaminated in any way.
  3. Use an implement to cut the grass cleanly.
  4. Place all the grass in a container, mix up all the grass from the paddock and then bag a representative sample.
  5. Send the tagged bags to FBA.


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