Why do feed testing?

  • Feed Testing allows the farmer to ensure their feeding strategy is optimum
  • With correct feed the farmer has good production management, management of weight, maintenance or improvement of milk production
  • Helps to predict the outcome of production in the farming environment

How do I get my feeds tested?

  • Just collect samples and send them on to FBA Laboratories
  • Select the different feed types you want to check
  • See the section on Sampling to be sure you follow the correct process

What FEEDS TEST can I get?

  • Feed Evaluation
  • Basic soil test with guidance on crop utilisation based on results
    Is a set of various chemical processes that determine the amount of available plant nutrients in the soil
  • Hay Feed Evaluation
  • Full soil testing for pH, carbon / nitrogen ratio, organic matter, cadmium, chromium, copper zinc, nickel, lead and mercury analysis with results analysis and usage guidance for standard crops
  • Haylage Feed Evaluation
  • Tests for the presence of harmful metals in soils and can help inform safer growing practices that limit contact with soils with high levels of metals
  • Forage Feed Evaluation
  • Helps to evaluate soil fertility and overall soil health
  • Alkagrain
  • Tests for the combination of Clay/Sand/Silt in a soil sample which helps to evaluate the soil fertility and overall soil health


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