FBA Customer Portal

FBA have recently launched a new feature on their cloud based LIMS application to allow Customers to access their current and historical test order data, setup farm logsheet’s and download raw data for use in their own downstream applications.

It requires minimum effort to understand and use the application as it has been developed by our customers for our customers.

Any enhancements that you believe will make it a better option, please let us know and we will consider them.


To get started you need just two pieces of information, your email address for your FBA account and your FBA Account Number.

You will see your account number on any certificate you received from FBA

To access this feature in any browser go to FBA Customer Portal and follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Login

Here is the Login Interface.

For the login you will use:

Email: myemail@...ie and your Account No: XXXXX

Then your password

Then press Login to go on the home page.

STEP 2: Set Password or Register

If you have an FBA account, go to GET ACCESS and create your own password.

If you don't have an FBA account, go to Register page and create a new one.

STEP 3: Functionality

Here is the Home page


Here you can see your curent and historical test orders

You can download Results, Certificates and Invoices

Also if you are the organisation owner you can see the status of all tests made for your organisation


Click the button Add new and it will redirect us to the next screen:

On this STEP you will enter the number of farmers (not more then 10).

In the example we will use 2 farmers. After inserting the number, you will press next which will redirect us to this screen:

On this step you have the 2 columns for the farmers. Here you will complete the data that you need.

First, you will select a Test Type and a number of samples for each farmer. Default text is not a mandatory field and is used to add a description to each sample in the log sheet.

After completing the first 2 columns you will go to the right side where you have the next fields, Herd Number, Farmer Name and Farmer Address. The Farmer Name is a mandatory field, after inserting it you can chose to add the address or the herd number to match the farmer with an existing one in the database. Also, you can insert both for a better precision. After inserting the fields, you have two options.

First you can select Get Details and find an existing farmer in the data base or select Enter Details to add a new farmer that doesn’t exist in the FBA database. In the next image you have 2 farmers, first one is an existing one and the second one is a new one that you don’t have in the FBA Database.

Here is the existing one and you will press Yes to confirm that is the farmer you are looking for.

For the second one you will use Enter Details and introduce all the data that is mandatory.

After completing all this process, you can go to the right button and press next to generate a preview for the log sheets and check that the data is correct.

The preview will look like this.

After pressing next and generating the preview, on the top right of the screen you will have a menu with the next options:

First, you will use “Save” button to save the logs in the FBA database.

After saving you can print them, send them on our email or save them as a PDF.

Also, you have the Edit option. The edit options are used to change an existing log. To edit it you need to know the card number that is present in the log sheet, in the right corner of the page.

Also after pressing Save, you will receive a message of confirmation on the bottom right of the page.


This page gives you access to a number of features to allow you download test order listing, results as well as a number of different Analysis options


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