FBA Labs Specialist Services

Environmental   Animal Health   Animal Nutrition

The Laboratory provides a number of services that are of benefit to environmental monitoring. 


  The principal services provided by FBA Laboratories with regard to animal health are focused on herd fertility and mastitis control.  A holistic approach is taken to deal with the wide range of analytical services required to address the major contributory factors to infertility in dairy and beef herds.

The capability of the laboratory to analyse forages, feed ingredients and mixed feedstuffs make it possible to offer a range of nutrition services.



Following are our core services:

  1. Diagnosis of mineral imbalances/deficiencies in forages, crops and total diets. This is accompanied by interpretation of the analytical results and prescribing curative action e.g. correction of infertility in dairy herds, bone abnormalities in bloodstock.
  2. Quantification and identification of moulds and mycotoxins in animal feeds.  This is of particular reference to the equine industry.
  3. Assisting feed manufacturers with the independent handling of animal feed complaints.  This involves investigating the compliant and conducting the relevant analyses.
  4. Heavy Metal analysis in Soils & Sludges.
  5. pH, P, K and trace mineral analysis on soils.
  6. Chemical and microbiological analysis on water.