About FBA Laboratories Ltd.


Farm Business Advisers Limited commenced laboratory analytical services in 1977 as an addition to their agricultural consultancy services in Fermoy, Co. Cork.  In 1996, the analytical services of the business, were apportioned to the newly established FBA Laboratories Ltd at the same address.  In 2003, the entire activities of FBA Laboratories Limited were relocated to new laboratory premises at Cappoquin, Co. Waterford.


The company provides analytical and consultancy services to agribusiness, agricultural advisers, farmers and veterinary practitioners.  Materials analysed include feedstuffs, grass, silage, milk, blood, water, soils, fertilisers, and industrial by-products.

Since 1998, the laboratory has been operating in accordance with the requirements of the International Quality System Standard IS EN ISO 9002.  The laboratory is approved by the Department of Agriculture & Food for the analysis of soils for REPS purposes.

The company has achieved ISO17025 accreditation for pH, Lime requirement, phosphorus, potassium and Organic matter in soils and are on the EPA approved laboratory list for water analysis.